About Me


My name is Trang. I’m from Stockton, CA. I’m 24 years old, lover of Disneyland, lover of life, lover of all things pink. Deathly afraid of cats.

My siblings & I are very close, we group chat daily. They helped me come up with my name. Trang (train) of thoughts. It worked out perfectly for me, because I can’t tell you how I introduce myself and people go Train? I say “similar but with a G and no I”. It also worked out because I’m just someone that has a mind that wanders, I can go from one thought to the next, I often lose my train of thought. I’m all over the place, yet organized. I may lose my train of thought sometimes, but I often find myself with many new ideas.

I am a “Bonus Mom” to my sweet and sassy sour patch 5 year old, a fun aunt to a 4 year old nephew and a 2 year old niece.

I enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix, if I allow myself, I will eat an entire box of milk duds within a few minutes. My little family and I love going to Disneyland, our place to escape the craziness life throws our way. On my free time I love strolling through the aisles at Target with my Starbucks iced coffee (more like iced creamer with a splash of coffee).

I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse, working part time as a school nurse. Nursing has always been a passion of mine, however with nursing, I can’t express my creative side.

I love doing crafty things, like scrapbooking, making decorations, home-made gifts, anything that involves being creative I love doing. When it comes to being crafty, I am a perfectionist.

So here I am, starting my journey in blogging. Bringing to you my everyday tips and tricks on a variety of topics. From skin care (acne related), to my latest makeup favorites and hates, to fashion, to fitness, to mom hacks, to DIY and maybe even cooking (not the best chef in town). I want to share with you guy things that a girl like me likes, share my wealth of knowledge, and maybe help someone like you with everyday struggles that I may go through.

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