Easy Christmas Gift for Coworkers

It’s the season of giving! If you’re like me & you want to give some kind of gift to your coworkers or kid’s teachers, but don’t want to break the bank, you’re in the right place. I’ll be showing you a super cute & easy christmas gift for coworkers or even for your kid’s teachers.

Each cup takes less than 5 minutes to make, you can fill it with whatever candy you’d like, you can also add a gift card for something a little extra!

I spent roughly a total of $9.69 to make each gift.


DSC01368Christmas mugs bought at Target for $4.99 each, there are 6 different sweater with felt designs to choose from.


Hershey Kisses bought at Target 3 for $10.00 / On sale for $3.33, Originally $3.59.


Christmas ribbon is from Joann, $3.99 originally, however, it’s 60% off all christmas ribbon which came out to $1.59.

  1.  I added the candy to the mug, putting a majority of the peppermint kisses then topping it off with the milk chocolate santa hat kisses.
  2. Do a rough estimation of how much shrink wrap you need to cut. I cut about 20 inches wide.DSC01394
  3. With the cut shrink wrap, pull the wrap up, seeing how long you want your slack, I cut about 25% off the length. Long looks better than short, but not too long.DSC01396DSC01399
  4. Wrap ribbon around the wrap, eyeball about how long you’d like the ribbon, cut, then tie. (Cut more than what you want, you can always cut off the excess.)DSC01403

You can add a gift tag, add a gift card inside or leave as is.

This easy christmas gift for coworkers, works for anyone, it’s not personal, but it’s still a super cute gift to show that you care. It’s always the thought that counts!

If I received this as a gift, i’d be pretty excited!



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