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Happy December! Only 23 days until Christmas! Here at our house we’re fully decorated & so excited. To add more excitement, I created an Advent Calendar for Amayah.

Trangofthoughts - Advent Calendar

I never knew what an advent calendar was until this year, seeing a bunch of different beauty ones on the internet & at target.

For those of you who don’t know what an Advent Calendar is, an Advent Calendar is a calendar counting down the days until Christmas.┬áThe word ‘Advent’ has a Latin origin meaning, coming. Advent Calendars originates from religion, which I won’t get into.

But, basically Advent Calendars are a way to count down the days until Christmas.

I found inspo from a fellow blogger MissBrunetka. She posted one that she made for her little one & I thought it was the cutest thing.

MissBrunetka used marker to write her numbers, but I just don’t trust my hand writing, so I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut of the numbers.

It was so last minute, I didn’t think I could pull it off in time for the next day. But, sure enough, I got it done within an hour or so.

Trangofthoughts - Advent Calendar

Luckily, I had the paper twine (from target), along with the red & green card stock already in my craft box, all I needed was the paper bags, clothes hangers, & the surprises to fill them.

I bought the paper bags & clothes hangers from The Dollar Tree.

Including the supplies I already had, I’d say the Advent Calendar cost no more than $5.00 to create.

I will be filling up the bags as the month goes on. Keeping the cost to a minimum, I bought a few things from the dollar section at Target, such as puzzles, pens,& ┬ámarkers. I also bought some candy that she loves. I don’t plan to fill up everyday with a toy or candy, I will also be filling them with a family photo or a sweet note.

Trangofthoughts - Advent Calendar

I’m so in love with how well it turned out, doing things like this really make my heart happy.

I used our Elf on the Shelf Daisy to help announce the countdown!

I know it’s basically already late to start it, but better late than never. The process is quick & easy, there’s no need to fill all the bags at one time. With an Advent Calendar you’ll be even more excited for Christmas once you’ve put up your very own.

I hope you find inspiration & create one for someone in your family.

Happy Holidays! <3

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