Descendants Birthday Party

Amayah is obsessed with the Descendants movies, so of course this year we threw her a Wicked 6th Descendants Birthday Party. Focusing on the colors black, purple, & green.

It was a small & sweet party, we invited a few friends & family held at her Great Grandma’s house (Thanks again Gram!)

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

I’m someone who loves to go all out on parties. From presents, decorations, snacks, & goody bags (I forgot to take pictures of the goody bags :/)

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

Let’s first talk about this incredible cake. I found the cake design from Pintrest, designed by Sugar Therapy. The cake I had made was by a local baker from Stockton, CA. (Instagram The cake turned out amazingly cute & really tasty. Amayah wanted chocolate cake, & she loves strawberries. We ordered a chocolate cake with custard filling with fresh strawberries. The cake was huge, for the amount of people we had, we had so much left over. Parties are so stressful, the day of is filled with decorating & picking up food, ice, & whatever else. Thankfully, these bakers delivered, that was so helpful!

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

For the snack bar I tried to come up with things that went well with the movie & to keep up with the theme.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

  • Jay’s Treasures (Jafar’s son, treasures because Jarfar loves treasures) – Gold chocolate coins $6.91 for 1/2lb
  • Fairy God Mother’s Magic Wand – Rock Candy Sticks $22.99 for 24 sticks, 12 pink, 12 light blue (the color of fairy god mother’s coat)
  • Carlos’ Dog Treats (Cruella Deville’s Son) – Dog Bone Candy $10.99 for 2lb
  • Evie’s Threads (Evie enjoys to design/make clothes) – Rainbow Twizzlers Twist $1.94 per bag (I bought two bags)

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

My favorite part about the snack bar was the Poison in the mason jar dispenser $33.99

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

  • Purple – Grape Kool-aid
  • Green – Lemon-lime Kool-aid

I used a one gallon jug of water each flavor, mixed 3 packets of each flavor with 2 cups of sugar.

The cups are from Party City where I also got plates and napkins. I bought green paper straws & name tags from Hobby Lobby.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

  • Mal’s Love Spell Cookies – Store bought chocolate chip cookies from Safeway $5.00
  • Poison Apples – Precut apple platter with caramel dip
  • Ben’s PB&J – PB & J Crackers (hard to find at my local grocery stores) $14.61 for 6 packs of 8
  • Uma’s Tentacles – Chocolate covered pretzel rods – Homemade, by me.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

The chalk board signs were bought at Michael’s for $1.00 each & I used a chalk board marker $5.21

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

The backdrop for the snack bar (excuse the tape) was made of  2 black, 1 purple, 1 green plastic table cover from Walmart. Inspo for the backdrop was found on pintrest by Southern Revivals. I bundled the table covers together, using a rubber band to keep it together & the rubber band also helped by hanging on a nail on the wall. I bought the purple & green curly ribbon from the dollar store, & the black curly ribbon from Walmart in the gift wrap aisle.

Using the same table covers from the backdrop for the tables.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

I did purchase Descendants themed plates and napkins, just enough for the kids. I also bought black plates, and bought green spoons & purple forks to keep with the color scheme.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

The piñata is from Party City. It was a pull string, which everyone loved, no blindfold, no stick needed. It was safe & fun.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

The kids played pin the wand on Mal, the poster is from Amazon & I made the wands with my Silhouette Cameo.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

I loved Amayah’s outfit, she looked wickedly awesome! <3

Jacket – D-Signed Studded Moto Jacket $27.99

Custom Etsy Mal Shirt by TrimblesThreads $30.20

Descendants Bow by Daddy’sGirlBowtique $13.25

Cat & Jack Leggings

Combat Boots from a small shoe store in my local mall

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday PartyTrangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

I ordered my invitations on Etsy by Ohmypartystudio $6.99, which was a digital download.

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the goody bags, but for the goody bags, I packed each bag with purple pencils (from halloween), individual bubbles from target, party pack play-doh, candy & Descendants tattoos, rings, notepads from Party City.

I bought 8 purple & 8 green paper party favor bags, placing black tissue paper on top, & glued an A on the front of the bag.

I added a little touch to the bathroom mirror, cutting out the “mirror mirror on the wall” vinyl decal with my Silhouette Cameo (Vinyls are so hard to work with, which is why the words are not straight).

Trangofthoughts - Descendants Birthday Party

Amayah absolutely loved her Descendants Birthday Party. She kept telling me how much loved the ideas I had for the snack bar, & she kept telling her friends what each one was.

I’m proud of how everything turned out, & I must give myself a pat on the back. Amayah had a blast, which is the best part of it all. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl! <3



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  1. girlfromceylon

    November 24, 2017 at 5:42 am

    A lovely post it’s always a great feeling after celebrating a party with your own effort. I also celebrates my son’s first birthday party my self and even bake the cake my self.As a working mum as you said it was really stressful till the party ends but after it’s all most happiness than anything else.

    1. Trang

      November 24, 2017 at 8:08 am

      Wow, you bake the cake too! Kudos to you mama! The hard work really pays off!

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