5 Tips to Save Money When Booking a Hotel for Disneyland

I recently posted a How to Save Money at Disneyland & it was my best post yet. I talked about how I save money at Disneyland, now i’m here to tell you my 5 tips to save money when booking a hotel for Disneyland.

Trangofthoughts - 5 Tips to Saving Money When Booking a Hotel For Disneyland

  1. Book through the hotel’s main site, instead of sites like Expedia. Often times they have deals. Most hotels have AAA & military discounts.
    • My personal favorite is the Annual Pass discount. The hotels i’ve been to have the Annual Pass discount & they also provided early check in & late check out.Trangofthoughts - 5 Tips to Saving Money When Booking a Hotel For Disneyland
  2. If you want to stay at one of the resorts, go during Dapper Days. Dapper Days happens twice a year during Spring (April) & Fall (November). Dapper Days is basically an event that was created a few years back, where people gather together for an expo, and go to the park dressed in vintage styles. You can learn more about Dapper Days on their site.
    • During Dapper Days, Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian, & Paradise Pier are way cheaper. It’s about half off the regular price, but you must book through a separate site Fall 2017 Dapper Day Hotels, you can always google search Dapper Days _____ (insert year). (I know it seems sketchy, but I promise it’s not, my family & I have stayed at the Grand Californian a few times using this site). Regular price is around $600-$700 a night, booking with Dapper Days is around $290-300 a night. The earlier you book, the cheaper it is, the cheapest i’ve seen was around $290 a night, for a standard room with 2 full/queen beds. The first night is due at the time you reserve & is non-refundable. IMG_5409
  3. Sign up for the hotel’s reward program. For example, Hilton gave me a cheaper rate than what was shown on their site at the time if I signed up for (free) their rewards.
  4. Stay at a hotel a little further away. Prices aren’t as high. You can either drive & park or take a shuttle to & from (depending where your hotel is located). The closer you stay, usually the more expensive it’ll be, because of course it’s more convenient. Trangofthoughts - 5 Tips to Saving Money When Booking a Hotel For Disneyland
  5. Book a package through Disneyland’s site. They have “Good Neighbor Hotels” that you can choose from. Packages include hotel & 1 park per day tickets per guest, you can upgrade your ticket to park hoppers. If you book 3 days or more, you receive early admission into the designated park.

I hope my 5 tips to save money when booking a hotel for Disneyland come in handy when you book your next trip. If you know of any tips that I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment!



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