Shutterfly Review

The saying is true, photos do last a lifetime. Which is why I love printing my photos from Shutterfly.

Shutterfly - Photos Last a Lifetime

I’ve alwayed loved printing photos, since I was younger my mom always bought me disposable cameras and I’d just waste the film of pictures of my feet or blurry pictures of flowers. Do they even make disposable camera anymore?! I have no idea.

Now, majority of us have smart phones, with a camera always accessible. Thousands of photos sitting in our camera roll, never printing them.

About 2 years ago, I discovered Shutterfly. The best photo printing service I’ve ever used.

I still love printing photos, ones I know i’ll never frame, & of course the one’s I absolutely adore.

Putting pictures up makes my house extra cozy, extra special, & extra homey. I can walk by & just smile at the memories.

Shutterfly - Photos Last a Lifetime

Shutterfly - Photos Last a Lifetime

Printing gets pricey when you want to print all the sweet photos of your family to save away in a photo box.

Not only is it pricy, but it’s a process, you have to transfer them onto the kiosk you’re printing at or putting them onto a flash drive. Shutterfly just makes it so much easier.

I love Shutterfly for so many reasons. Shutterfly provides so many different options to have your photos printed on, blankets, phone cases, magnets, mugs. You can also create holiday cards, photo collages, photo books. There are endless options.

Shutterfly - Photos Last a Lifetime

I am subscribed to Shutterfly’s emails, & they send emails out almost daily for “freebies”. I love it!

Sometimes it’s pick 2 freebies, or 3, or pick 4 freebies. From what I’ve experienced, whatever it is you pick is free, & you just pay for shipping.

My favorite freebie Shutterfly offers is free 4×6 prints. I order 100s at a time, & i’m just in awe when they arrive.

I believe you have to download the Shutterfly app to receive unlimited free prints. But, the app makes it 10x easier to upload & order your photos anyways.

Shutterfly - Photos Last a Lifetime

I just absolutely love the endless options they offer & the constant freebies is a cherry on top of it all.

If you’ve known about Shutterfly & have printed of blankets or mugs, etc. Let me know how they turned out. I’ve only done calendars, phone cases, & standard prints.

If you didn’t already know about Shutterfly, you’re welcome!


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