Shopping in the Kid’s Section

Being petite can be a blessing and curse. Blessing being I can buy clothes in the kids section and save money! Curse being not having many curves. BUT, I love my body regardless. I’m going to let you in on shopping in the kid’s section can save you money.

In women styles, I wear a size small or medium in tops, & a 1 or 3 in bottoms.

I can pull off buying clothes in the kids section in an XL in tops/jackets & a XL in bottoms.  14-16 is the number size I believe.

I normally don’t buy tops in the girl’s section because the way the sleeves are cut, it’s cut at an angle, unlike in the boy’s section it’s more of basic t-shirt style, which I like. I, of course stay away from things that have unicorns, sequins, emojis, or anything that looks kid-ish. Sticking to basic items is the way to go.

You probably already know that I love to save money, along with loving a great deal when I can find one. So, why else would I shop in the kid’s section? Because most items in the kid’s section is significantly cheaper.

Main items I look for when shopping in the kid’s section is sweat pants, t-shirts & jackets/coats.

Like i’ve said, I’m a graphic t-shirt kind of girl, so it works out when I find a graphic tee in the boy’s section.

Trangofthoughts - Shopping in the Kid's Section

Here are 3 of my favorite items from the kids section, which just so happens to all be from Target.

  1. Olive Green Bomber Jacket $21.99 from the boys section at target from the fall of 2016, which they still have! Compared to an almost identical Women’s Olive Green Bomber $39.99. Trangofthoughts - Shopping in the Kid's SectionHow To Style - Olive Bomber Jacket - Casual
  2. Def Leppard Graphic T-shirt $9.99 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  3. Tech Fleece Jogger Pants – ~$28.99 + 20% off with Target Cartwheel.Trangofthoughts - Shopping in the Kid's SectionTrangofthoughts - Shopping in the Kid's Section

Keep an eye out when your passing by the kid’s section, if you happen to find some keepers, tag me @trangofthoughts in your Instagram pictures so I can see!

If you have any tips/tricks for saving money on shopping, let me know! I’d love to learn about new ways to save money!


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