DIY Vanity Lighting

Hey loves! Vanity lighting can be expensive. I can’t bring myself to cough out a few hundred just for some lighting. So, today i’m going to show you a little trick that I use to achieve bomb lighting without breaking the bank.

I hate applying my foundation and thinking it matches my skin tone perfectly then leaving the house & getting into the car, & saying WOAH! That’s not what it looked like in the house. After being tired of the constant battle of having crappy makeup looks, my boyfriend helped me find a solution.

All photos are untouched, with no filters added. Pictures are taken with vanity lights off & with vanity lights on to show you a comparison of how much a difference the lighting makes.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that this lighting trick isn’t cute, if you want a cute & chic vanity, this DIY isn’t for you.

As much as I would love a chic and glamorous vanity, it isn’t reasonable for me. Considering I live in a small apartment with a small area for my makeup desk. Quality over quantity. I’d rather have great lighting than a chic set up.

My bedroom has the crappiest lighting. There’s a huge tree in front of the window blocking any kind of light from shining through, which makes it difficult to do my makeup when half my face is lit with some natural light & the other is shaded.

Most homes come with “white” lightbulbs, that look yellow. The most important thing to remember is always buy NATURAL DAYLIGHT / DAYLIGHT light bulbs. The light shines white giving you the natural lighting we all want. Not only is it great for applying makeup, it’s great when you need some extra light for a great selfie or for a product shot.


I place my mirror that I bought at Ross for ~$15.00 right on top of an Ikea MICKE Desk along side an Ikea MICKE Drawer Unit. I clip my lighting equipment right onto the mirror. Not sure if this lighting equipment would work if you hung up the mirror because the cord area sticks out.

If you don’t have a makeup table set up, & you normally do your makeup in the bathroom or in front of a mirror somewhere in your house. The clamp lamp is great, because it’s portable, & can be clipped to the mirror, to a chair, or to anything really.

Supplies needed / What to buy?


Clamp Lamp – $9.20 on Amazon. I buy two, for even lighting on my face.

Natural Daylight / Daylight Light Bulbs – $6.98 for 40W / $8.98 for 60W.

I normally use the 60 W Natural Daylight Bulbs. I accidentally bought the 40W for the product shots. But I did compare the 40W to the 60W & they look the same.

Extension Cord – $4.73 on Amazon.


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