Starbucks Iced Coffee At Home

 “People brag about drinking black coffee? Ok, enjoy your hot bean water, i’m using creamer because I love myself”

Let’s be real, I don’t love coffee with creamer, I love creamer with a splash of coffee.

For awhile I was ordering a Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee with 8 pumps classic sweetner & extra creamer. That’s $2.95. I think it’s okay to treat myself $2.95 a day. $88.50 was wasted every month. Some days I’d treat myself to 2 cups.

One day, I decided to take a relaxing stroll in the aisles of Target & found Starbuck’s Medium Roast Unsweetened Ice Coffee in a jug, $4.99. 6 servings of 8oz per jug + half & half $4.39 for 64 oz + Starbuck’s Classic Syrup $12.95 for 1 Liter. (I buy mine at the shop, which doesn’t include a pump) = ~$22.33, not including tax.

Guys, I don’t know about all the math, (i’d rather step on hot rocks than do any kind of math) but it’s cheaper than spending $2.95 everyday. The syrup lasts me about 2 months, give or take.

I love drinking my coffee while I get ready, so by the time I leave the house, i’ve used the bathroom enough times to not have to rush to the bathroom while i’m out.

Life has just become so much easier since I’ve made my coffee this way. It takes maybe a minute to make. I don’t need to make any stops before work, or before my daughter’s early morning sporting events.

WARNING! The coffee in the jug is not as strong, doesn’t taste the same as the iced coffee at the shop. But it does the job. Ordering a coffee at Starbucks has always been a hassle, it rarely ever taste the same, sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it has a burnt taste, sometimes I can’t taste anything. With the jugs, it’s smooth, it never taste burnt, I can use less sweeter & less creamer. The best part, I can make as much as I want, whenever I want.

This is how I make Starbucks Iced Coffee at home

-Coffee filled up 3/4 of my cup, ice, 4 pumps classic syrup & semi-large splash of creamer.

Starbucks Ice Coffee at Home
I wish I would have known I could found Starbucks Iced Coffee jugs sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time, & a lot of money.

Maybe this little tip will help save you time & money.


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